Embrace the Future with Open Technology, Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2020 Comes Back in June

Hong Kong Open Source Conference (the Conference), the conference event focusing on introducing and the encouragement of open source culture, will kick-off the 8th annual Conference event on Jun 12 in Cyberport, Hong Kong.

Back in March, the Conference called the developers and IT pros all around the world for submission of speech proposal. The reaction was positive; finally, 20 proposals are selected, covering extensive topics such as AI, cloud technology, software development, and information platform build-up. Our highlighted programs include: “How to build an online learning platform that engages and educates students at scale with AWS” (by Cyris Wong, Data Scientist, HKIVE), “Open by default: trying to run a startup with open source culture in mind” (by William Chong, LikeCoin Foundation) and “Guide to Responsible AI for Developers” (by Verlebie Chan, Software Development Engineer, Microsoft).

Other than the speakers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States (overseas speakers would deliver speeches via live streaming), our major sponsors – Microsoft, Red Hat, and MySQL would have their speech or workshop sessions on the related topics.

Under the annual motto “Stay Safe and Carry On”, the Conference will be held in “dual-mode” – the on-site conference in Cyberport, and the webinar on the designated social media platform. Facing the unexpected challenges brought by the novel coronavirus 2019 9 (COVID-19) pandemic, we manage to hold the on-site event to encourage community exchange and sharing. The Conference ticket is available for order in Eventbrite now. The $50 ticket package includes a two-day conference pass and $200 food and beverage coupon (two $100 coupon for day one and day two, while stock last). Also, we will issue the letter of attendance to those on-site event participants in need.

Precautionary measures such as body temperature check, equipment cleansing, social distancing, and the provision of sterilizer will be adopted to maintain a safe and healthy event space.

As the Conference will be held in webinar form, the provision of event live streaming and chatroom would enable interested parties to participate in the Conference and interact with the audiences and speakers.

Click the link below to access the rundown of the Conference: